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Our Mission

Our Mission

Organize inclusive, diverse monthly peer-led educational skillshares for LGBTQIA+ adults and allies which empower authentic self-expression and build thriving communities.

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Our Values

• Gender/Identity Respect: We respect and celebrate that everyone has a dynamic identity and we want that identity to shine and grow!

• Acknowledge Injustices: We acknowledge that the current social systems are inherently unjust and we strive to recreate systems that serve all of us.

• Fun/Play: We believe that because there is so much pain and suffering in the world, we all deserve a break. We strive to create connection and relief through fun and playful skillshares!

• Health: We strive to create an environment that provides healthy food, emotional support, and care.

• Connection & Education: We believe we can all teach each other. We encourage connection, education, and sharing.

• VolunQueering: Giving time and love to our communities.


• Radical Inclusion: We strive to create an environment where anyone could feel welcome and included. Everyone has had a variety of experiences throughout their lives that impact the way they see the world. Inevitably, when we gather, there might be conflicting attitudes and language used. Everyone is encouraged to urge each other to create inclusive language, behaviors, and philosophies.

• Drugs and Alcohol: Queer events are often fueled by alcohol and the commodification of sex. We strive to create an environment that focuses on connection. We ask that alcohol and drug use are not used during camp trips (and events) and strive to create a space that is free from the “hook up” culture that can be intimidating and exclusive.

• Participants Create: Queer Scouts is an experimentation built by participants. Workshops, meals, clean up, set up, etc, is all built on participants signing up to help and create it!

• Growth: With integrity and compassion, we will stretch together to develop a culture that cares for all of us!

We believe in creating spaces where everyone feels welcome.

We Need Your Support Today!

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