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  • No smoking/vaping in any buildings or cabins, only in the designated area.

  • No intoxication of any sort.

  • No driving in the camping area at night. (You may unload your stuff on the camp grounds and then park in the designated parking area.)

  • Ensure there are buckets of water when using the fire pit for fire safety and ensure that all the embers are out when leaving it for the night.

  • Use the toilet assigned to your sleeping area to ensure septic tanks do not backup or overflow.

  • Dogs must be on a leash, please pick up after them.

  • All food must be stored in one of the buildings to not attract bears. If you are not staying in a building please mark your food and we can show you where to store it.

Sober Space

Queer Scouts is a sober space. We simultaneously respect our friends that need to use due to medical issues as well as our friends who cannot be around drugs/alcohol. There will be a space away from the main campgrounds for people to partake in necessary use. We ask that if you need to take something for medical reasons that is not a prescription that you stay not intoxicated (i.e. visibly high or drunk). Ideally, people will not have to use while we are camping, but if you do, we ask that if non-smoking forms are available to you, to please use those, as even just the smoke can be bothersome to folks.


There will be a designated spot to put butts and ashes in a big water bucket due to fire safety. NO smoking/vaping is allowed in any building, including weed. 


Absolutely no intoxication allowed, we will ask you to leave once you are no longer intoxicated for violating this rule. (if not medically necessary and following the above rules.)


One of Queer Scouts main tenets is radical inclusivity. This means providing an accessible space for all! In order for this to be a safe, enjoyable camp for everyone, we are requiring that:

  1. Scouts must be fully vaccinated against Covid. If you have an exemption please reach out to us. Please email us a photo of your vaccination card at by August 1. 

  2. Scouts must take a rapid test and show a photo of it at registration when you arrive at camp.

  3. Scouts must mask indoors KN95 or N95.

  4. If you feel sick. Don't Come.


In terms of food this will be BYO breakfast and lunch and we will have shared dinners for those that bought meal tickets. All food must be kept indoors as to not attract bears and be labeled with your name. There will be designated spots for this. (We have access to a kitchen as well as a campfire. Campers may cook their own food over a small campfire or small grill that you bring with stones around it and a water bucket nearby for safety. Please note that the camp fires cannot be in the hay field and if the town has a water drought we will not be allowed to make small fires other than the big central fire pit.) 


Do you want to bring a dish to contribute to shared dinners? If so, please take people's allergies into account, and label your food (food does not need to take all restrictions into consideration in order for you to bring food to share). Please list items you are bringing on this spreadsheet.


Shared dinners will take into account all allergies people provide to us.

  • Friday Shared Dinner: Pasta (or gluten free pasta) with Red Sauce with choice of protein (impossible meat or ground hamburger)

  • Saturday Shared Dinner: BBQ Cauliflower/Chicken with buns (or gluten free buns) and Mashed Potatoes


These are known allergies and dietary restrictions of campers. Please make sure all food is labeled with ingredients.​

  • All nuts and seeds (including mustard and sesame)

  • Avocado

  • Bananas

  • Bell pepper

  • Cilantro

  • Citrus

  • Curry

  • Gluten

  • Jalapeno

  • Lactose intolerant/dairy allergy

  • Lemongrass

  • Melon

  • Nitrites and sulfities

  • No chicken

  • No pork

  • No red meat

  • Pescaterian

  • Seafood

  • Shellfish

  • Spicy

  • Strawberries

  • Vegetarian



The Vineyard Cabin

There are 4 rooms with twin beds in each in The Vineyard Cabin. (Building total: can sleep 4 people.) There are a few steps to get into the 2 bottom rooms and a flight of steps to get into the 2 top rooms. Bathroom = Porta Potties and outdoor showers.


The Red Motel

There are 3 rooms with twin beds in The Red Motel (Building total: can sleep 3 people.) There are 4 steps to get onto the porch. Bathroom = Porta Potties and outdoor showers.

The Farm House

There is one available room in the Farm House– it has a double bed that sleeps 2.

These rooms are up a flight of stairs and each room has its own private bathroom. 

The Barn

The Barn can sleep 7 people on the floor. There are a few steps to get into the barn. Bring sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Bathroom = Porta Potties and outdoor showers.

What are the grounds like?

Grassy and flat, not paved. There are a few steps to get onto the back porch of the Farm House where the hot tub, grill and seating is. There will be tables and chairs set up in a tent on the grass. Cell service is extremely limited. We will have access to wifi that works in the barn if needed.

ESA Dogs/Non-ESA Pets

We welcome you to bring your dog! Dogs must be on leashes outside, please pick up after them.  Dogs love to run away and become wild in the woods with their owners spending days looking in vain for them.

Friday Schedule

Some skillshares recommend bringing items with you or have a small amount of prep, this information is in bold on the written out schedule.

*Schedule subject to change

QSB Schedule vertical fri copy.jpg

Saturday Schedule

QSB Camp Schedule Sat copy.jpg

Sunday Schedule

QSB Schedule Sunday copy.jpg

Some skillshares recommend bringing items with you or have a small amount of prep, this information is in bold on the written out schedule.


QSB Schedule Friday copy.jpg


QSB Schedule Written Sat copy.jpg


QSB Written Sun copy.jpg

Volunteer Schedule

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Recommended Packing List

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